Our job as filmmakers and photographers is not only to create beautiful content but content that strives for change.

We are a full service production film and photography company based between South Africa and France. We work with changemakers and organisations shining light on their work so that together we can bring social, environmental and political change.

From the conceptualisation of an idea to the delivery of a final product we work closely with our clients in order to create the most compelling visual content.

Around the world, every day, men and women fight for a better world. We want to shine light on those initiatives and create a dialogue for sustainable change.

Firm believers in the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN for 2030 we want to take part in the global transformation by using our skills to raise awareness.

The creation of audiovisual content has a major role to play in shaping a better world, educating our viewers and inspiring them be part of a common solution.


At each stage of production we involve all our partners, on and off the ground, in the creation process in order to shape together the stories we want to tell.


Through compassion and mutual understanding we believe in our shared humanity. The men and women on the ground fostering change hold a central place in our work.


A local person understand a situation and its complexities a lot better. By partnering with local teams we reduce our ecological footprint and play a role in economic development. We combine our expertise and learn from each other in this collaborative process. 

Oliver Petrie and Yann Macherez met in November 2017, while both in Zimbabwe to cover the fall of Robert Mugabe. After a week of shooting side by side, the idea of collaborating further emerged and a few months later Momentum Production was born. Since then they have been producing content for various organisations across Africa, Asia and Europe


Film Director, Editor



Film Director, Editor


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