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  PROJECT: "Nature's Building Blocks" Series
                Lagos, Nigeria 

       DATE: July 2022


Shot and Edited by Momentum Production

Photography by Momentum Production

Today, 60% more Africans die from cancer than succumb to malaria—and the number of cancer deaths is rising at an alarming rate. In 2030, the number of deaths from cancer will have increased almost 70% based on age demographics alone. African healthcare systems are struggling under the weight of this burgeoning cancer crisis.

The film will help audiences to understand the important work BVGH is doing to improve cancer patient outcomes in Africa through the African Access Initiative (AAI).


Audiences will gain an understanding that AAI is: Driven by Africa, for Africa and is improving cancer care by increasing the reach and uptake of oncology innovations and best practices from the US and other high-income countries—including lifesaving medicines and technologies; patient-centered care protocols; public awareness campaigns; and rigorous clinical research and trials—to address the greatest needs as defined by African stakeholders. They will see a practical, holistic approach through AAI and will be inspired by the impact of public-private partnerships such as with Takeda to understand and advance healthcare access in Africa and specifically, Nigeria. They should gain an understanding of the complexity and challenges of managing cancer patients in low-resource settings and the impacts already achieved by BVGH through AAI. Viewers should be left with a positive impression of BVGH; the program, the African Access Initiative (AAI); and the approach to improving cancer patient outcomes in Africa.


Through the lens of people with lived experience on the ground in Nigeria, the film with show how the programme is improving patient outcomes.

Our Role: We partnered with BBC Storyworks and BVGH to produce this short video documenting their work in Switzerland

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