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  PROJECT: Refurbishing and Repairing North Macedonia’s apartments
                Skopje, North Macedonia

: July 2021


Shot and Edited by Momentum Production

Photography by Momentum Production

Now, as parts of Europe begin to tentatively emerge from Covid-19, we are seeing public, cooperative and social housing associations more focused than ever on delivering safe and affordable homes, which also strive for sustainability.

Even in this challenging climate, social and affordable housing associations across Europe continue to strive to be forward-thinking innovators, finding pioneering new ways to build more sustainable and energy-efficient homes which are both cost effective and accessible. The focus is not only on sustainability and affordability but on building strong neighbourhoods with a sense of community and belonging for the residents who live there.

There are stories behind every door. Meet the people building homes and building communities.


With the end of state-funded maintenance and management for properties in modern-day North Macedonia, many homeowners are faced with high costs for living. However, Habitat for Humanity has been working with the tenants and homeowners to refurbish the existing buildings with a view to improve the buildings as well as the lives of the people that live there.
Our Role: We partnered with BBC STORYWORKS to execute a few episodes of their series BUILDING COMMUNITIES. We partnered on this film with Habitat for Humanity to document their work in North Macedonia.

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