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PROJECT: L'OREAL, Tech in Beauty
: January 2020


Shot and Edited by Momentum Production

Photography by Momentum Production

BBC Storyworks has been developing a series of short documentaries surrounding the Cosmetic industry. This series highlights the impactful and innovative work cosmetic companies are contributing to our daily lives across the globe. In partnership with a small number of organisations across the industry value chain, we will profile work which aligns with our themes across innovation, formulation, sustainability, responsible ingredient sourcing, technology, personalisation, quality, safety and performance, empowerment, diversity and inclusion and caring for our communities.

Technology is changing the definition of beauty. New digital technologies and services are making the world of beauty move faster than ever before. Digital is not just a transformation, it’s a revolution. From artificial intelligence to 3D-printing, augmented reality and DNA analysis, the beauty industry is becoming increasingly technology-driven. Personalisation is a crucial area of development for beauty brands, tapping into consumer desire for products that can be tailored to suit individual needs. 

Our Role: We partnered with BBC Storyworks and L’Oreal to produce a few episodes of this series.

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