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  PROJECT: The initiative generating brighter futures
                Cape Town, South Africa and London, UK

: November 2021


Shot and Edited by Momentum Production and our partners in the UK and South Africa

Humanising Energy is a series produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions for the World Energy Council. Working with a small number of organisations involved in the transition to sustainable energy, BBC StoryWorks will present the most interesting projects across the energy sector, and tell the human stories of the individuals behind the work shaping our world.


As the solar panels generate electricity, the money earned is given to the investors as interest. This way, the environment wins with clean renewable energy and investors get to make passive income.


The initiative generating brighter futures:


Crowd-based solar systems. South African company Sun Exchange is bringing a global community together with its solar cell purchasing solution.

The Sun Exchange is a digital platform that allows individuals from anywhere in the world to buy solar cells (the singular modules that make up a solar panel) as investments. These solar cells are open to anyone in the world where there is no restrictions on how many are purchased which makes this company unique. Once the project has reached its total funds,  these cells  (solar panels) are installed in schools, supermarkets, residental developments and more.  Most of the solar panels are installed in South Africa, this is where we will focus our film on the Protea Heights Acadamy.

Our Role: We partnered with BBC STORYWORKS to execute a few episodes of their series Humanising Energy. We partnered on this film with SunExchange to document their work in England and South Africa.

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