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  PROJECT: NCD Alliance, Kenya
: December 2019


Shot and Edited by Momentum Production

Photography by Momentum Production

Kenya has a cancer epidemic. Cancer patients and carers are calling on Kenya’s government to declare the illness a ‘national disaster’ and provide extra help and funds. The Kenyan health system is crippled and around 33,000 people die from cancer every year.

The right treatment, specialist care and technology can provide critical support to cancer patients. In countries such as Kenya, Takeda’s approach goes beyond medicine. The company is working with several partners to improve local cancer management. They are deeply committed to helping alleviate cancer patient needs in Kenya by active participation in the Access to Medicines and Patient Assistance Programs.

Our Role: We partnered with BBC Storyworks to execute a few episodes of their series NCD Alliance. This series highlights the impactful and innovative work being carried out across the global health and development network to prevent and control NCDs.

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