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PARTNERS: Ceasefire, FCRC (First Community Resource Center)
  PROJECT: Fundraising Video for Camp Joy and CeaseFire
October 2019


Shot and Edited by Momentum Production

CeaseFire is a public health approach to violence prevention that understands violence as a learned behaviour that can be prevented using disease methods. CeaseFire has made a difference in communities around the world. Many communities have reduced and even end gang-related shootings. Hanover Park is the first community in South Africa to be offered this opportunity.

CeaseFire uses a health approach and stands on 3 pillars:
1) Interrupt transmission
2) Identify and change the thinking of highest potential transmitters
3) Change group norms


Camp Joy is a project of the First Community Resource Centre and is not funded at the moment by any government department or institution. It is financially supported by the Pentecostal Protestant Church in Hanover Park.Restoration Centre’s like Camp Joy and others, is a much needed necessity today as communities are battling the scourge of substance abuse. It focuses on rehabilitation and restoration as a guideline to quality of life, healthy living, and re-integration.

Rehabilitation, to combat drug addiction and to rid communities on all echelons of society of violence, and gangsterism.

Our Role: We partnered with FCRC to produce this short fundraising video aimed at a donor community based in the UK. We followed Pastor Mike Crockett around Hanover Park and the facilities at Camp Joy in Strandfontein to get a sense of what they are doing and what is needed for them to continue their work.

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