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Realising that the production world needs a lot of changes we have decided to create a network of talented creatives across the globe, in order to share experiences and knowledge as well as tell stories from the ground, by locals, and through their understanding of the reality.


We believe that locals are key to understanding a situation and its context and this can be seen in the content they produce.


The benefits of working with people living in the areas where the production is done are multifold: First it reduces the need of long flights and transportation, thus reducing the carbon offset of a production. Secondly, as stated before, it brings a local eye to the stories we are trying to tell together.

Lastly, we believe that by doing this, we contribute to the local economy and put down a stone in a broader picture, starting to bridge a gap between talents from various regions and connecting our network of creatives with clients and agencies from around the world.


We believe in just retribution for a work, no matter where it takes place. We work hand in hand with our creatives and our clients, creating the story together from the inception of the idea, and sharing the benefits from it.



Our network includes filmmakers, photographers, sound engineers, fixers, journalists, editors, drone operators, who share the same vision and principles as us, and together we have been able to produce meaningful stories for our clients.


Since the beginning of the world pandemic we have been able to produce remotely stories for a wide variety of clients in more than 20 different countries across the world (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, South Africa, Mexico, the USA, Turks and Caicos, The Philippines, Malaysia, India, Switzerland, Ukraine, France, Spain, Greece…).


By creating this network we wish to create a space where we can all learn and grow through our common passion for storytelling. A space where we can share experiences and together try to build a better production ecosystem.


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We also believe in transmission of knowledge, and we had started in 2018 a photography and videography school in Khayelitsha, South Africa. This school unfortunately had to close due to lack of funding and a global pandemic but this is still at the heart of what we aim to create.


This network also acts as a pool of mentors for aspiring creatives as well as holds online talks and discussions with our partners where we can all share and discuss our work and brainstorm on how the industry should move forward.

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