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  PROJECT: Raising heroes at home: Stroke Detection 
                Ukraine, Slovakia, Greece, South Africa

: July 2021


Shot and Edited by Momentum Production and our global partners in Slovakia, Ukraine,
Greece and South Africa

Stroke is one of the biggest reasons children lose their grandparents to disability or death, because 80% of patients don’t realise they are having a stroke until it’s too late. In cases where they do, 89% don’t call an ambulance. To save lives, people need educating on stroke symptoms and families need to learn how to respond in a stroke-related emergency.


Boerhinger has found a way to navigate the difficulty of having a conversation with elderly people about stroke. The average age of a stroke patient is 70 year of age, and they do not want to have this conversation. This makes is problematic to educate an older audience. However, Boehringer has identified that grandchildren can have an influence on this at-risk population, and by leveraging children’s enthusiasm for learning and sharing, they have created a campaign based on love and family to raise awareness of stroke symptoms and what to do to save a life. The campaign features the exciting FAST Heroes, who help children to engage with stories, scenarios and symptom characteristics that they will understand. The campaign empowers them to spread their knoweldge across the entire household, specifically their grandparents.


How do you broach a difficult conversation? Many of those at risk of a stroke struggle to discuss the possibility it could happen to them. But one campaign is teaching children to recognise the symptoms of strokes, helping grandchildren proactively look out for their grandparents and encouraging open conversation in families across the world.

Our Role: We partnered with BBC STORYWORKS to execute a few episodes of their series FACING FORWARD with the NCD Alliance. This series explores three themes: Understanding NCDs, Increasing access to care and Leading the way.

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